January 2019



A belated Compliments of the Season from myself and the DFC Functionaries. 2019, has kicked off with a very busy schedule, Sunday rides being well attended, and already the first Dine and Dos planned (see below).


A huge thank you for the continued support from all the members, the Durban Free Chapter is growing from strength to strength.


I recently came across an interesting article, click on the link to take a look see if you agree or disagree!

I’m sure the person who wrote this article hasn’t spent enough time on our South African roads dodging traffic, taxis, drivers on the wrong side of the white line…. crazy!  It is interesting reading all the same, we have all experienced the calming effect of getting out on the open road on our Harleys.

As you are by now all aware the planning for the Durban Free Chapter Duma Rally in August is well under way.  Thank you for all who voted to help us choose a location and distance of the DFC Duma.  The voting was close however it did allow the Rally Committee to understand what is important to the members.

Based on the feedback from our members it was decided that the new DFC Duma would be a Coastal rally and so the search began to find our perfect location somewhere in between 100km and 200km from Durban. 

Many venues were visited over December and January and, with the help of the Rally Committee calling, visiting and negotiating, we have finally found our spot!  We are very pleased to announce our seaside venue and accommodation at the Umthunzi Hotel and Conference.


A big thank you to the Rally Committee for the sterling effort thus far, this is going to be an amazing event. 


Online registrations, via our website, will open on the 1st of March. Further communication on this will be provided. 


Don’t miss this one!


Len Barnett - Director




The accommodation and service at Monks Cowl was exceptional and the buffet dinner was one that our members will be talking about for a while to come.

Fun was had by all that attended, even though there were numerous fines

Our first event for DFC where we invited ERFC (East rand Free Chapter) was a huge success. A very sincere thank you to all members that supported the event and to ERFC for open heartedly accepting our invitation. There were 13 members from ERFC and 37 from DFC that



It was a staggeringly beautiful sight to see all 50 member ride as a pack to the stunningly beautiful Cathedral peak wine estate for lunch lead by our director Len and his team. Members were treated to a harvest table of note and though the heat reached 38 degrees we all arrived in style and had a stunning lunch on the beautiful wine estate.


From there we visited the Dragon Rock reptile centre which was a wonderful experience as we interacted with various reptiles. It was not for the faint hearted, but we are Harley bikers so no python, tarantula or boa constrictor can scare us.



imposed by Gordon but the guilty happily picked their poison and took it in good spirits.


Our events are only successful because our members are committed and supportive. Without their support these events do not happen.

Next Dine and Dos:

The Christmas Function this year will be held at the Rawdons Hotel & Estate in the Kwazulu Natal Midlands.

This Hotel is home to the famous Nottingham Road Brewery.

Date: 23rd November, overnight function returning 24 November.

* Please confirm and pay by the 01 November!

Venishree Naidoo - Events Officer

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Watch out for the communication on Duma Registration - to appear as a tab at the top of our website soon!

Meet a DFC Member:



1. When, where & what did you first learn

to ride?

My brothers taught me to ride bikes when I was around 12 years old on old DT250’s and in the garden and then out in the bush.  (Many tears and frustration as we only had 2 bikes and there were 3 of us.)  I rode my own bike all thru high school Suzuki ER50.  Bikes I have owned but not in order Suzuki 1300 GSZ, a Suzuki 1100 Katana which I rebuilt from scratch on my veranda, XT 500 Thumper, R1, Yamaha FZ. 

2. When and why did you buy your first Harley Davidson?


After many years of drooling over bikes and not riding,  I bought my first Harley in almost 4 ½ years ago  A silver grey 48 Sporty, Loved that bike, too much fun.  Then I bought a Softail Deluxe, Root beer in colour, superb ride and sooooo comfortable.  Now I have a CVO Roadking, a blue stunner. I love to just cruise ace out down the south coast early in morning with the music blearing old Rock music, not a care in the world, just me and the open road with a pit stop of a hot cup of coffee.  Rejuvenates the brain, heart and soul.  Washes away the hum drum of life and issues.

3. What has been your most memorable ride?

The first trip to Cape Town with 5 other ladies for the “”Rally in the Valley” (the ladies only rally in Robertson).  Riding thru the Karoo in sweltering 42 deg heat and the Sporty not missing a beat. The Churches along the way, Meirings Port – Being greeted by about 60 touring German tourists that could not believe that 6 ladies could ride alone and ride in PINK on top of it (Not my fav colour, got hives from wearing pink for 8 days straight) the high jump into the pool that was freezing. 

4. What is on your riding bucket list?


 I think the US is the best place in world to ride, and we are considering doing either the Baja California Peninsula, or San Diego to Vancouver. We are also considering a trip to France, Portugal & Spain, with the Free Chapter. We have never toured Europe by bike, so that trip could be a winner !  

Thank you Caren for taking the time to complete our "Meet a DFC Member" interview!