Membership of the Chapter is not a right, but a privilege. Prospective members must make formal application through a member sponsor or godfather, who will be responsible for assuring the Chapter members that the applicant is suitable and has been apprised of the Chapter's constitution and the Charter of Free Chapters and has agreed to abide by them.


All Founding Members of the Durban Free Chapter, as identified at initiation of the Chapter, will receive a “Founding Member” patch to be included on their cuts. Most Founding Members will be allocated a portfolio which they are expected to carry out to the best of their abilities.

The Director, at initiation of the Chapter, must sign the Free Chapters Charter with France and will be personally responsible to

 France, 1st Cape Town and the SA Council for the conduct of the Durban Free Chapter and every member therein. This undertaking is renewed annually. This would ensure Chapter stability and consistency – the ethos will not change with changing personalities and all who accept the ethos of the Chapter will continue to be happy. The Director will have final say in all matters, after hearing all views on matters under consideration. The Director will also have final say on acceptance of Prospects as well as termination of membership.

All Prospects are referred to using the term of endearment - “Padawan”. All Padawan’s are required to make themselves familiar with the DFC Constitution, the Free Chapter Charter and the Durban Free Chapter  “Padawan” Information pack. These are available on the links below: 

To be part of this Awsome Family


Get in touch with us today and our Membership Officer will send you an application form.  We love hearing from like-minded individuals and look forward to Introducing you to the team!

PLEASE NOTE: an applicant will be required to serve a probation period as a Prospect  / Padawan before being approved by the Membership Officer and voted in as a full member at a monthly meeting, provided the Director also supports such membership.  Upon receiving full membership, full Chapter Colours will be awarded. 

Alternatively contact us via email: 

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