November 2018



I'm not sure if everyone is aware that the very popular Route 62 Rally is the Cape Town Free Chapter Rally and has no formal link to HOG or the Harley Davidson Motor Company. 


It is currently the only Free Chapter Rally in South Africa. 

As you are all aware Joe Watkins from HD Durban has attended the previous two DFC Monthly meetings as a guest. During my recent


discussions with Joe it has become apparent that HD Durban would like to have a similar arrangement with the Durban Free Chapter for our Annual Rally as Tyger Valley has with the Cape Town Free Chapter. For those that are not aware American Eagle Motorcycles, of which Joe is a Shareholder, own both Harley Davidson Durban and Harley Davidson Tyger Valley.


In my recent discussions with Joe as the Dealer principle of Harley Davidson Durban, he has offered the Duma Rally, name, branding and rights to the Durban Free Chapter. This will mean that HOG Durban will no longer have an annual Rally on the HOG Rally Calendar. We will get all the support from Harley Davidson Durban, similar to the arrangement Harley Davidson Tyger Valley have with the Cape Town Free Chapter for the Route 62 Rally. Needless to say this is very exciting, and a fantastic opportunity which we have accepted. 


The Duma Rally has over the years become very popular, and is one of only two Harley Davidson Rally’s in KZN, the other being the HDSA St Lucia Rally.

We have the flexibility to choose any date for the Duma Rally, and are not bound by the HOG Rally calendar at all. Provisionally the weekend of the 9th, 10th, 11th August 2019 has been identified, this being a long weekend. The Duma Rally will become synonymous with the Durban Free Chapter, and will become a Rally for our members primarily, hopefully attended by all Harley owners throughout the Country.


So where to from here? Having been involved in some 4 or 5 Duma Rally’s its no mean task and requires a lot of organising, arranging sponsors etc.  We have therefore created the questionnaire, below, to gauge the interest for involvement from individual members and overall preference on the following topics:


Preferred Venue - inland, coast, mountains


How important is it for the DFC members to have a long ride to our rally.

Participation on the Duma Rally Committee. 


Remember this is our Rally, and it must be arranged for our members, so please get involved and let's build the Duma Rally into the Best Rally in South Africa.

Len Barnett - Director


Making Duma our own...

Member Questionnaire

Our aim is to fully inject the Durban Free Chapter spirit into the heart of Duma and really put our own unique stamp on it.  Your input is essential to achieving this. 


Please complete the questionnaire below and drop a comment if you have any more thoughts or suggestions.

** Please note all feedback will be collected on the 7th December 2018.  Any Questionnaires submitted after this time may not be included in the review.

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