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1. When, where and what did you learn to ride?

I grew up in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and obtained my bike license when I was sixteen, before helmets were mandatory. Initially, I rode a Yamaha 50cc, and then progressed to the “big” bikes of that era, namely Matchless, BSA, Triumph & Norton. Prior to 1976, all British bikes were manufactured with the gear lever on the right, and the brakes on the left, so all my bikes were right hand gear!


2. When and why did you buy your first Harley Davidson?

We had different priorities whilst our children were growing up, and riding was very much on the backburner. In 2003, our youngest child graduated from university, and it was time !

I love the sound & traditional look of Harleys, so it was very difficult for me to walk past the old dealership in the Gateway circle, on the way to Primi Piatti. In 2004, we were walking past & a Dyna Wide Glide caught my eye. Unfortunately, it was sold & Theo, the salesman, talked me into ordering a 1200 Custom.


I really enjoyed that bike (the last with a carburettor) for commuting about town, but it was not suitable for touring, and I wanted my wife, Fiona, to enjoy riding with me.

The dealership, in those days, was proactive, and opened on Sundays, for the weekly ride. They provided free coffee, and of course you could shop !


I remember our first ride; before 8 o’clock in the morning, Fiona had bought a riding jacket at R5k (then !!), & on our return from the breakfast run (about 180kms), ordered a comfort seat (another R5k !). It was an expensive day out of the office !

Thereafter, I upgraded to various Electra Glides, with all the comforts of home, and ideal for touring. I have had different models, ranging from an 88 cubic inch (ci), to a CVO 110 ci & currently, a CVO 114 ci.

To us, it is about the camaraderie, the fellowship and the journey, not necessarily, the technical characteristics of the bike !

3. What has been your most memorable ride?

We have been privileged to ride all over the world, and some of our trips have included :-

- Route 66 US

- Sturgis US (twice)

- Daytona, Florida Keys, New Orleans, Miami

- New Zealand – Coromandel Peninsula (North Island), South Island, including Queenstown, Franz Josef Glacier etc


- R62 a few times, including The Owl House, Meiringspoort, Bayneskloof, Tradoux Pass, Outeniqua Pass, DuToitskloof Pass & the Huguenot Tunnel, to name a few special memories.  

- West Coast Rally, a couple of times

- Skeleton Coast, including Botswana & Namibia

- Mpumulanga – Long Tom Pass etc

4. What is on your riding bucket list?


 I think the US is the best place in world to ride, and we are considering doing either the Baja California Peninsula, or San Diego to Vancouver. We are also considering a trip to France, Portugal & Spain, with the Free Chapter. We have never toured Europe by bike, so that trip could be a winner !  

Thank you Abe for taking the time to complete our "Meet a DFC Member"!

September 2018



First off, some news from the International Free Chapter Board. The Durban Free Chapter is now included as the 69th Free Chapter on the Free Chapter listing schedule. We are registered as having 62 members, however since the submission of our credentials to France that number has grown. This puts us as the Free Chapter with the largest number of members.


To be part of a Free Chapter is a Privilege and not a Right and as such there is no emphasis on chasing membership numbers, rather to attract the right members to complement the Free Chapter. The “Patch Over” membership acceptance into the Durban Free Chapter ran up to the 12th of August as per our agreement with the Free Chapter Council. All members now wishing to join the Durban Free Chapter will have to follow the route of introduction by a sponsor and serve a prospect Period as contained in our Constitution.


An update on the South African Free Chapters. Georg Steyn has resigned from the South African Free Chapter Council. Georg has closed the 1St Gauteng Free Chapter which has now been dissolved. Cape Town Free Chapter now becomes the 1st Free Chapter in South Africa, and as such is now known as 1St Cape Town. The South African Free Chapter Council now comprises the Director and Assistant Director from Cape Town and Massimo from Italy.

The West Rand Free Chapter, the 68th Free Chapter, was officially patched over at a ceremony on the 15th of September, having served their 6 month probation period.


The secret to any successful club, motorcycle clubs included, is to remember that we are a group of like minded individuals who have come together to enjoy a common interest – Harley Davidson Motorcycles and the feeling of freedom when we ride.

Let's adopt the 2 finger salute in greeting other Bikers, and let's respect each other both on and off the road

Len Barnett - Director

Global Free Chapter Membership

For a list of the official international Free Chapter members and associate countries, please see the link below:


Hands up if you know what T-CLOCK is? …….. not too bad, most of you know what it stands for.


Hands up again if you carry out T-CLOCK? …….. not too many hands this time.


Naughty! Naughty!


T-CLOCK inspection should be second nature to you just as putting on the correct safety gear (next month’s topic) every time you ride your motorcycle.

Check out our new update in the Safety & Training section of our website to learn all about the T-CLOCK inspection or click on the link below to go straight there:

Kevin Atkinson - Safety Officer

Contact: 0829620202

The Story of DFC Official Book

What a story we have to tell! For over a year we have been talking, planning and implementing, all to be able to be apart of the Free Chapter movement.  

Check out our DFC Story by contacting Gordon (0836655689) and order DFC Book today!

Gordon Collins - Treasurer  

Contact: 0836655689

The Story of DFC Official Book

It's official! With 37 votes the Ladies decided on the very cool and classy name of "DFC Ladies".  


Thank you to all who voted - it is a name to be proud of!

In other news, we are very sad to lose Elin Hagemann as Ladies Officer due to work commitments.  Thank you Elin for all the work that you have done in setting up the DFC Ladies group and making it as special as you have. 

The position of Ladies Officer is now open!


Any Lady who would like to step forward to full this position, or nominations, please contact Ben, the Membership officer:


Got something to say? Have a suggestion on topics? Get in touch to let us know what you think!


Items to note...


Indemnity and Release Form


Each Sunday Ride all participants are required to complete the Indemnity and Release and it is imperative that this indemnity is completed correctly so as to absolve the DFC from any claims in the unlikelihood of an accident. The Road Captains on the day have been instructed to ensure that the form is completed correctly.


- A separate line is to be used for each person joining the ride 

- Each person MUST sign in the signature column

- Spouses or friends cannot and must not sign for another person

- The Emergency Contact Number is important and it must be written legibly. This number should not be the number of your spouse if they are joining the ride.

Please complete the form as follows:


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