It was our privilege to host the South African Free Chapter Council Meeting in Durban on the 23rd June. This meeting was attended by the 1st Gauteng and Cape Town Council Members. At this meeting the Durban Free Chapter was officially sanctioned by the Council and subsequently all the documentation, the undertaking and Free Chapter Charter signed by Len for forwarding to France.

Georg officiated inaugurating the Chapter Director and handing over the Durban Free Chapter Colours to myself and thereafter I had the honour of patching in our Founding Members.

For the rest of our eager members there will be two official DFC member patch-overs. We have chosen to divide the patch-overs into two events to ensure we can prepare the colours, on everyone's individual cuts, in adequate time.  Each patch-over event is equally as important and is simply split by the order of confirmation of Membership through payment.

The first half of the patch-over is planned for the 11th July.  We are estimating around 23 members will be receiving their DFC Colours that day.  The second half of our DFC patch-over will be on the 26th August - after Sturgess, a large event that a number of our members are attending - to ensure that everyone is able to attend and finally celebrate the long awaited patch-over of our DFC Colours.

Thank you to all who have been so patient in waiting for their DFC Colours. The Functionaries have worked hard to ensure we are compliant with all the Free Chapter requirements and I am sure I speak for all when I say that the 26th  August will be a very proud moment for us all when we can finally enjoy the benefits of our dedictaion and commitment to getting the Durban Free Chapter up and running.

Len Barnett - Director - June 2018

Good day Durban Free Chapter members! It has finally happened – we are now a registered free chapter, with a few minor restrictions in place for the next 2 months – but we can live with that – we have waited this long, another month or 2 won’t hurt.

As one of the Founder Members of DFC, I was allocated the portfolio of “Safety and Training Officer” I will be responsible for all safety and training matters of the Chapter.  

Check out my monthly contribution to DFC Safety by viewing the "Safety & Training" section on this website.  Looking forward to offering tips, sharing best practices and offering general info on Safety and Training!

Durban Free Chapter is founded on an unequivocal principle of LOVE and RESPECT for fellow members. It is therefore an absolute requirement that all members treat one another as such. We have come together because we love Harleys and we want to have fun together while riding them. This cannot be achieved if members do not respect one another. 

The basic prerequisites for membership are as follows:-

• Every member must own a Harley Davidson motorcycle or be the partner / spouse of an owner of a Harley Davidson.

• Every member must pay their annual chapter fees.

• Every member must be a fully paid up member of HOG® International

• Members may not belong to another chapter or motorcycle association (except for HOG membership)

• Feel free to ride with other groups however full DFC colours must be worn on these occasions

• We understand lives are busy therefore we request simply that members attend at least 4 DFC events or rides per year at a minimum


For more details on Membership and Requirements click to open the documents below:


This Facebook page is open to all members to post comments and/or pictures, preferably about rides and events and the associated DFC subjects. 


We encourage our members to interact, post and engage yourselves as much as you wish. 


Please consider when making posts:

• No person or company may place company advertisements
• No swearing, religious, racial or politically insensitive posts
• No personal attacks

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Elin is our Ladies Officer and will shortly be contacting the fairer sex of the DFC members to find out what exactly we want from a Ladies sub-group. 


To start the Ladies will need to think of a creative name for ourselves that will determine our unique Ladies DFC patch and set the tone for our group.  Next on the agenda is to gather suggestions on different types of activities that the group can enjoy together. 

Some suggestions already have been items like Ladies Rider Skills Training, Ladies at Dezzies, Ladies ride to the Horse Shows and Ladies High Tea at some special spots... we look forward to collating many more ideas and suggestions that the group would love to experience together. 

For now we will have our very first event at Moto. Join us for some high tea at Moto Cafe - more details will follow shortly.

Elin can be contacted directly on: 


The Dine and Dos is on the 4th August at the  Gooderson DumaZulu near Hluhluwe. Member will be treated to a game drive and wildlife experience.

Cost R1500 per person sharing and R1850 per single. Leaving Moto at 8.30am. Finer details will be issued to those booked.


For those that are not sure and the Dine and Dos this is an event planned so you can get to know your biker family on another level. The time spent helps strengthen bonds and encourages new bonds as we eat and experience together. Even the "not so exciting" bonds us as we learn to trust each other as riders and friends!

Venishree Naidoo - Events Officer - June 2018

Get in touch to book your space: 


Kevin Atkinson - Safety Officer - June 2018


Ben Hawkins - Membership Officer - June 2018