Our main purpose is to bring Harley riders together, under a banner of association and belonging, in order to create an environment of friendship, mutual respect, and safe riding behaviour.

Durban Free Chapter is a not-for-profit association

Principles and Values

​Durban Free Chapter is an association of Harley enthusiasts who have a shared love and passion for Harley Davidson Motorcycles and who have come together to enjoy these motorcycles and have fun. It is in no way linked to or affiliated with any Harley Davidson dealership.  At the core of our values we believe it is most important to have:

  • Respect and adhere to the Charter of Free Chapters

  • Respect and adhere to the Durban Free Chapter Constitution

  • Mutual respect

  • Respect for free spirit

  • Friendliness, openness and honesty

  • No hidden agendas

  • Freedom to have their say

  • Be free to determine our own direction

  • Safety & behavioural rules of HOG (hence HOG international membership requirement)

  • Access to Rider training and promote safe riding behaviour

Badge Proud


Our Durban Free Chapter logo and badge was carefully designed to represent who we are as a group and our commitment to the Free Chapter movement. At the heart of our Chapter and our logo is:

- Family

- Freedom

- Togetherness

- Uniqueness

- Durban

- Friendship

- No discrimination

- Democracy

- And of course bikes!

The eagle wing is a symbol of freedom and a connection to our Harley brand. The Zulu shield in the logo not only represents strength and community, but also connects us to the land of the Zulus in which we all live. Inside the shield you will see the road on which our bikes have travelled, and the sunset represents the future towards which we will ride together.

The two points at the top and the bottom of the shield design show a common purpose and direction with equality and non-discrimination against gender, age or race.


Free Chapter Specifics...

The Chapter’s name is DURBAN FREE CHAPTER. This name was registered with 1st Gauteng Free Chapter and Free Chapters Board in March 2018. Durban Free Chapter is registered with the permission of 1st Gauteng who sponsors and manages registration, creation and potential problems with Free Chapters in South Africa on behalf of the Free Chapters Board in France. 1st Gauteng represents Free Chapters in SA at Free Board meetings.


The formation of the Durban Free Chapter was also approved by the newly formed Council of Free Chapters in South Africa. Free Chapters do not qualify for the status of official Chapters of HOG, receive no financial sponsorships, and have no official affiliation with Harley Davidson dealerships or company.

HOG international membership is a requirement to allow us to wear our Harley Owners Group badge.  

To renew your membership click on the link below and log onto your online profile or call the HOG member services team on 00 800 1111 2223.



For any queries contact us on:

DISCLAIMER :  Durban Free Chapter is not a registered Harley Owners Group H.O.G.® Chapter neither do we purport to be & is not affiliated to any Harley-Davidson® Retail Dealership or part of Harley-Davidson Motor Company Inc. This website is also in no way affiliated to any of the above.

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